Yui Powder Face Cleanser

The first step of your skincare routine

  • Cleanses your skin while still feeling hydrated
  • Softens your skin
  • Helps with hyperpigmentation, rosacea and blemishes

〰〰✈︎ Easy for traveling: no liquids, no spilling in your bags!
Lasts 3x as long as a liquid cleanser!

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Gentle cleansing with natural amino acid surfactants, perfect for sensitive skin. 

Niacinamide refines texture, reduces redness, and protects against free radicals

Trehalose provides long-lasting hydration and anti-aging benefits

betaine moisturizes and soothes, ideal for sensitive skin

〰〰✈︎This cleanser is very travel-friendly! No liquids, no spilling in your bag!


Our Yui Powder is a Gentle Amino Acid daily powder face cleanser. It's the foundation of your daily skincare routine, aiding in cleansing, moisturizing, and improving your skin's health.every.day. 


A full-size 45g of Yui Powder lasts 5 months if used 2x per day. That's 3x as long as a liquid cleanser! The travel size 5 g = 2 weeks use if 2x cleansing/day.


Our key ingredients:


Amino acid surfactants: They are derived from natural amino acids, offer a gentle cleansing, preserve the skin's natural moisture and is suitable for sensitive skin.


Niacinamide: This vitamin B3 variety is known for its versatile benefits. It helps refine skin texture, reduce the visibility of pores, and regulate sebum production. In addition, niacinamide reduces unwanted redness and helps to protect your skin from free radicals giving you a clear and even complexion.


Trehalose: This natural sugar helps to protect your skin from dehydration and strengthens the skin barrier function. It provides long-lasting hydration, keeping your skin supple, soft and resilient. Trehalose is also known for its anti-aging properties, as it helps to reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.


Betaine: This powerful plant ingredient is extacted from sugar beets and has excellent moisturizing properties. Betaine helps your skin retain moisture, reduce dryness and roughness. It also acts soothing and softening, making it ideal for sensitive skin types.


Non-comedogenic. Fragrance-free. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Gluten-free.


Formulated without: Mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, alcohol, oil, silicones, PEG, parabens, urea, DEA, TEA, or phthalates.


We have listed a few certificates/regulations that we think are important to consider during our formulation:

  • EU Ingredient health and safety
  • EWG Skin Deep
  • Sephora Clean Standard

Full ingredient list: 

Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate (viscosity controlling)

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (surfactant)

Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate (surfactant)

Magnesium Stearate (moisturizer/humectant)

Trehalose (moisturizer/humectant)

Niacinamide (cell-communicating ingredient, skin brightening, anti-acne, moisturizer/humectant)

Sodium Benzoate (preservative)

Betaine (moisturizer/humectant)

Zinc Pca (anti-acne, moisturizer/humectant)

Allantoin (soothing)

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (soothing, moisturizer/humectant)


How to use

Put some powder the size of a coin in one hand

Wet your other hand with water or use a water spray. Rub your hands together until you get a soft foam

Gently massage in circular motions to cleanse your face

Use it twice a day at the start of your skincare routine. Remember, a little goes a long way!


Don't use in the shower.




Put some powder the size of a coin in one hand. 


Wet your other hand with water or use a water spray. Rub your hands together until you get a soft foam.

03. WASH

Wash your face as usual.

Discover Our Key Ingredients

Explore our award-nominated powder cleanser, featuring a potent blend of clean, natural ingredients for remarkable skin results.


Real Results, Real People: Gwladys' Skin Story

I had acne from my many travels and unhealthy food for the longest time,  I legit couldn't get rid of it and started getting super self-conscious about it. I then talked to Elly, the founder of Yui and she advised me to once and for all start my cleansing routine. After a week I could already see results and it's true what they say, after two weeks it was COMPLETELY gone. Plus it's more than 4 months now that I use it twice a day, my roommate even uses it and I still have plenty left. My skin is also super smooth after using it. It took me a minute to get how much powder and water I needed to add but the secre is to really mix it well with your hands to make it nice and foamy. I love love love this product! 


I have normal skin (just some hormone imbalances or unhealthy food habits every once in a while), I'm 29 years old and this is my 3-month evolution.


Made by our Belgian chemist and founder Elly to help you find skincare products that are healthy for your skin.


Everything you need to know about the Yui powder face cleanser

How much powder vs. water should I use?

You can take as much powder as you like. More powder means more foam. We recommend to take powder the size of a coin in one hand. The other hand you can wet under the tap. Rub your hands together until your desired foamy consistency.

Is the powder cleanser non-comedogenic?

The powder face cleanser is made for all skin types. All ingredients are non-comedogenic and carefully selected to suit the most sensitive skin. 

Will the powder cleanser dry out my skin?

Our cleanser is formulated with hydrating ingredients like trehalose and betaine to ensure it doesn't dry out your skin.