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Hi I'm Elly

I am the face behind Yui Skin. For years I have been struggling with my skin and have tested many different products, done facials over the years in hopes of soothing my skin. It's still hard to find good products that contain only good ingredients, are effective and easy to take on vacation. When I left for college, I knew I wanted to change this myself and started studying chemistry! Two years ago, I got my master's degree in sustainable chemistry and after this I started working on Yui Skin right away in business school. For me, ingredients are the most important part of skincare and you will see that reflected in all the products I release. Hopefully you will love Yui Skin as much as I do!

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Clean and effective ingredients

We created our formula responsibly with a safe EWG rating. No parabens, silicones, phthalates, sulfates, no perfume,.... no nasties! Your safety and health is our priority.

Our formula is made according to EU regulations, EWG standard, Sephora clean standard.

Our products are not tested on animals and contain no animal derivatives or by-products.


By using powder-based skincare, you no longer have to worry about carrying liquids with you on vacation or business trips. No more leaking bottles or excessive volumes! Pure enjoyment of your vacation!


We make our products with our planet in mind. Current liquid cosmetic products contain up to 95% water, something we already have in our bathroom. By using only the active ingredients in the product life cycle, we reduce our CO2 emissions by 85% versus liquid cosmetics.

Moreover, we will work with refillable packaging so you can keep using your original packaging forever.